Mitchell, 17, Los Angeles, Taken by Kori <3

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Eight months of lies

    1:06 am


    Right now I hate you

    Right now I miss you

    Because you’re not here

    And you don’t deserve my forgiveness. Or my love.

    You don’t deserve to

    Infect my thoughts every single damn night

    Keeping me awake till it’s far too late

    You don’t deserve me

    And I hate you

    Because I love you

    Come home, and end this madness


#quote #stevemaraboli #cheater #relationships #brokenheart
    "Once a cheater, always a cheater. I guarantee you if he/she cheats once, what makes you think you’re special enough for them not to cheat again."
    "It was easy for you. To rip my heart out and wash the blood off of your hands. But I still see the blood stains. I still feel the emptiness. I still remember the words you said being used as a chisel, carving in my chest. I still feel everything."
    Wash the blood off your hands.  (via dollpoetry)

The Ghost Inside - Engine 45

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